Dear Struggling Unicorn Mom

Dear Unicorn Moms,

I know that I am not the only one out there, that struggles and constantly feels exhausted. One of my favorite “Unicorn, Truth-Bomb” Mom’s Kristina Kuzmic, recently put a video out about this exact topic.

I am one of these moms. I ride the struggle bus, I am exhausted, and I am scared of messing up, EVERY DAY! My family is going through a struggle that I wouldn’t wish on any parent, d8c956c45ee485b31f7ddcad315155f1--wise-words-so-truestep-parent or guardian. It’s exhausting, and I second guess every decision I make. I question whether, my pursuant of our situation is the right thing for this family or if we are causing more damage. I must put a lot of faith in my God, that he’s guiding me to make the best decisions possible for my family. I feel like I’m holding a rope that’s burning from both ends and that I might break out in uncontrollable tears at any moment. However, I also know, that like any good mother… we fight back those feelings of falling apart, to put on a good front for our family, to show how strong we are, that we “Got This” – that they don’t need to worry about anything, because “Momma has this handled” – well guess what??? Momma doesn’t know what the holy hell she’s doing. BOOM! There it is… I am blowing up our whole secret, most of us have NO IDEA, WHAT WE ARE DOING… and those of you that have it all figured out, you deserve a freaking metal, and please swing by my house and shed some insight for me, because I would love the help. Instead, I’m going to continue making split moment decisions, hoping they are the right choices for everyone, and making sure my son and step daughter are well provided for, fed, clothed, bathed… and hope that even when they are raging mad at me, and throwing tantrums or refusing to hear me, that one day they will look back on all this moment to moment chaos and realize, I truly did my very best for them, and that I loved them with my entire heart every moment of every day despite the struggles. Let’s face it, that’s all any of us can do as parents, we have one job, to love and care for our kids and make sure they have what they “NEED” (not want) in life to make them successful human beings. imagesMoral of this rant, we need to stop comparing ourselves to moms that look like they have it all together, because everyone one of us have struggles… and we need to stop mom shaming when we think a mom is not doing it right… she might be holding on by a threat in that moment you see her. Offer any help, to a fellow mom, if you know she’s struggling, most of us moms are too proud to admit we need the help and would love for someone to just come to the rescue without us asking. Take care of one another, this mom thing is HARD, raising humans is HARD, and we all need someone to help us sometimes.

~ Hot Mess Unicorn Mom


Feel Good Friday

We’re going to start a “Feel Good Friday” – I don’t really know yet, what that’s going to look like every week, but I can assure you, it’ll be something that makes me happy. This week, I’m choosing music. Here are a few of my radio blasters these days. Enjoy!


Jax Jones – You Don’t Know Me

Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive

Mr. Probz – Fine Ass Mess

Yuna ft. Usher – Crush

Tritonal – Stranger

Lost Kings – Phone Down

Dirty South ft. Rudy –
Find A Way

R.LUM.R – Frustrated

Road Trips & Adventures

I’m finding myself getting more and more excited everyday about the pending adventure ahead of me. I don’t mean the great adventure of life… C’mon – I’m talking about VACATION!!!!!! I’m so excited that I get the opportunity to skip town and take a road trip with two of my VERY BEST, LIFE LONG friends. We are headed to the Great Lakes, Lake Erie to be exact. I love being near the water, there’s a calmness that comes over my Pisces soul whenever I’m near the water. I find myself centered in what I’m meant to be, and a stillness that radiates serenity over my mind.

I feel like these last few years, I’ve lost my sense of adventure. I’ve gotten so siloed in my life, that I haven’t really branched out and had any real experiences. I used to take a vacation to a new place every year for my birthday. Being a winter baby, it was always exciting to go somewhere warm and put your toes in the sand and soak in all the vitamin D the sun could give you. I haven’t taken a real vacation like that in 3 years. I know life changes and priorities change and finances changes once you decide to start a family, but I feel like I’ve let the obligations of life over shadow the joys in life.

I have decided to make a new commitment to myself. To find my sense of adventure again. To find new places to explore and to give as much as I possibly can to my young son.I want him to have the same sense of adventure and desire to explore as he grows up. I need to set a better example of that for him now, so that he sees that there’s more to life than just the 4 walls of our home or the boundaries of the city in which we live.

XO ~ Lo