About Unicorn Lo

I’m Lo, IMG_20170629_213929_453the unofficial self-proclaimed Hot Mess Unicorn Mom~ Life is a beautiful mixed up chaotic roller coaster, that I have the profound pleasure of sitting in the front seat with the love of my life. I’m an Ohio girl living I work full time, I mommy full time and now for fun, I blog about the craziness of my life. I drop the F-Bomb…. A LOT, I laugh at my own jokes, I cry alone in the shower, and I love VODKA! I have a pretty great family, some of which I don’t get to see very often and some I see more often than I would like. I have small group of girlfriends that I’ve know for 10+ years, that are my soul sisters. I would not be able to navigate my life as successfully as I do without them. I.AM.BLESSED.


(the love of my life) 

We have the most BEAUTIFUL, HAPPY, FUNNY and CARING son any parents could ask for.  This kid brings so much joy to our lives! (and to think, I spent my entire adult life up to this point, convinced I never wanted to be a mother, and now…. THIS!)





I look forward to taking this journey with you…

Xo~ Lo