Road Trips & Adventures

I’m finding myself getting more and more excited everyday about the pending adventure ahead of me. I don’t mean the great adventure of life… C’mon – I’m talking about VACATION!!!!!! I’m so excited that I get the opportunity to skip town and take a road trip with two of my VERY BEST, LIFE LONG friends. We are headed to the Great Lakes, Lake Erie to be exact. I love being near the water, there’s a calmness that comes over my Pisces soul whenever I’m near the water. I find myself centered in what I’m meant to be, and a stillness that radiates serenity over my mind.

I feel like these last few years, I’ve lost my sense of adventure. I’ve gotten so siloed in my life, that I haven’t really branched out and had any real experiences. I used to take a vacation to a new place every year for my birthday. Being a winter baby, it was always exciting to go somewhere warm and put your toes in the sand and soak in all the vitamin D the sun could give you. I haven’t taken a real vacation like that in 3 years. I know life changes and priorities change and finances changes once you decide to start a family, but I feel like I’ve let the obligations of life over shadow the joys in life.

I have decided to make a new commitment to myself. To find my sense of adventure again. To find new places to explore and to give as much as I possibly can to my young son.I want him to have the same sense of adventure and desire to explore as he grows up. I need to set a better example of that for him now, so that he sees that there’s more to life than just the 4 walls of our home or the boundaries of the city in which we live.

XO ~ Lo


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