Unicorn Moms Unite!!! UniCon2017

First off, OMG! A Convention for Unicorn Moms!!!! That’s amazing!!!

UniConLogo4silverdate-558f590dUNICORN MOMS CONVENTION

Unicorn Moms brings you the first ever UniCon in Los Angeles!

UniCon is a gathering of Unicorn Moms, meant to empower and encourage them to embrace their individuality. Our primary mission is to provide an environment of non-judgmental support and acceptance for moms journeying through the many phases of motherhood. We’re changing the conversation: taking the focus away from the obvious and lifting up something that moms often overlook – themselves.

The day-long UniCon experience will inspire, encourage and rejuvenate moms through its top-notch panelists, educational opportunities, relationship support, amazing vendors, entertainment, and more. UniCon is an energetic event that will help you improve from the inside out. Attendees will enjoy a renewed sense of themselves and a connection with other Unicorn Moms.


This is SO incredible!!!! I wish I lived closer. I know my Unicorn Mommy Crew would be there in a heartbeat!!! (maybe there’s a prayer to the Unicorn Gods that’ll help me get there!!!)

Hosted By: Unicorn Moms

Convention Site: OfficialUniCon


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